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 The India Defence News ( IDN )  is a website , blog and discussion forum focused on bringing you the latest information , news about the issues related to defence , strategic affairs  , foreign policy  and other such related topics .

The main objective of the IDN is to provide our viewers latest trending news , articles and updates about defence technology , Military science , Army , Navy  and Air Force  weapons and platforms  , issues concerning  strategic importance and  the latest trends in foreign policy .

As a matter of policy , the IDN does not align with any particular school of thought , political party  , religion and committed  to impartial reports which are based on facts and not on the perception.

India Defence News – About  Management Team

The IDN has been promoted and management by a group of committed  professionals having expertise in defence technology , Strategic affairs and foreign relations .

The IDN strongly believes in the diversity of opinion without any political motive and committed to exercise freedom of speech . We would love to have you in IDN family either as a viewer , content contributor if you have a serious talent in writing article on any topic  which is in line with the scope of the core subjects that includes    defence , strategic affairs , space and foreign relations. 

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The  IDN  believes that we all can engage and interact in healthy discussion . The IDN discussion forum offers an ideal platform to share our opinion on various topics . Join the IDN community of defence enthusiast on IDN defence forum .

The IDN Defence forum offers excellent opportunity to engage with defence experts  on various topics and subjects . We at IDN strongly believes that your opinion matters .

As we all grow together , some of you can also join as a moderator who will guide us and provide the direction in maintaining sanctity and decorum on the defence forum .

 Looking forward for your association in IDN family .